Mandala street is the heart of Thamel

Getting into Mandala Street in Thamel is easy. It is about a 20-minute taxi drive from Tribhuvan International Airport or about a 15-minute drive from the city bus station. The location is a perfect spot to set up a home base to see the city in most vibrate way.
Mandala street is a side street in Thamel linking two of the main roads that gives the proper shape to existing Thamel area. Completely rebuilt and pedestrianized by a group of family owners, this is a market place that actually represents original flavor of touristic area in Nepal.
In this newly built zone, majorly finished with traditional Newari bricks, whole ambiance has been recreated with Newari carvings and stone designs that match the old world feel of Kathmandu. The stores are bright and no traffic. The stores on Mandala street are a mix of shops, yoga, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and bars. Both the locals and tourist crowed love to visit the place. Mandala street is the new landmark in town which took time to rebuild these old building in line with the surrounding Nepalese architecture and design.